Gabby's Dollhouse Confetti Hair Brush

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  • HAIR BRUSH DESIGN: Girls Confetti Hair Brush features portrait on the back of the Hairbrush topped with Floating Purpple/Red Flowers for a Magical Brush; A Kid-Friendly Handle and Purple Rounded Bristles on a Soft Pink Cushion to make grooming fun and easy
  • GENTLE DETANGLING. Hair Brush is made with rounded end bristles to stimulate blood flow to the scalp for healthier hair. Its a detangler brush designed with wide gaps between each bristle making it less likely for hair to break with a child friendly handle
  • This cute Accessory is categorized as: Toddler Hair Brush - Girls HairBrush - Kids Brush - Hair Accessories for Kids - for toddlers - Gifts for Kids - recommended for Ages 3 - 14
  • Packaging- This Item has been packaged for online sales - packed in a hard cover to protect the brush and thereafter into a clear bag to keep it in a perfect condition upon delivery - Kids Hair brush - Ages 3+