magnaframe - 4x4 classic square - 6-pack

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The magnaframe 6-pack for "Instagram" really has nothing to do with Instagram. We simply reference the company as they help popularize the square picture in the digital world. In addition the idea here is you start building a feed of picture on your wall at home in this classic square shape. These frames will fit a 4 Inch X 4 Inch square photo and the package comes with 6 frames total. One of them is the "master" frame and it will have an integrated level built into it as well as hardware (screws) to hang it on the wall. The additional 5 frames will all hang off the "master" frame using the integrated magnets embedded into the sides of each frame. You can arrange your gallery in any orientation you wish. You can continue to build your gallery over time by adding additional packs (we suggest affixing 1 master for every 6 frames) Contents: 6 Frames, 1 Level, 2 Screws, 2 Anchors, 1 Getting Started Guide. LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO PRINT YOUR PHOTOS? We think both these companies do a great job printing square photos, but there a dozen of companies that do it if you can't do it at home.